Melissa Marie: Jeremy Calvert Cheating Partner Revealed!

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Now that Jeremy Calvert has filed for divorce from Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, the details of their split are likely to be rehashed in a courtroom.

Most fans believe that Leah was caught cheating on Jeremy. (Back in October, he publicly called her out on Twitter in the kind of classy move we've come to expect from Teen Mom dads.)

Now, however, Radar Online is reporting that Jeremy was the one stepping out on his marriage, and accusing Leah may have just been his way of justifying his decision to call it quits with the mother of his child.

Melissa Marie

Calvert's relationship with Brittany Musick has been well-publicized, but now it seems the 26-year-old pipeline engineer may have been up to no good before that.

Was he cruising social media for cheating partners months earlier than previously thought? According to this report, it sure looks like that's true.

It seems that way back in April of 2014, Calvert began exchanging direct messages with an Arizona-based tattoo model named Melissa Marie.

Marie tweeted publicly about her interactions with Calvert, publicly referring to him as her "crush" and stating that she wished "there were men like him in Arizona."

Sources say Calvert assured Marie that his marriage was over, and he convinced her to join him in Columbus, Ohio, where he was working at the time.

“They definitely had sex,” one insider says.

“Jeremy told Melissa he was falling for her...He wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. They were out in public and he didn’t try to hide her.”

So it looks like Calvert may be a much, much bigger D-bag than any of us thought, and that Messer may be the victim in all of this.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to decide where he ranks on the list of All-Time Biggest Teen Mom Douche-Dads.

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