Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent: It's Over!

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You may not have even realized that Cara Delevingne had a girlfriend, as she spent more time groping Kendall Jenner than hanging out with her indie rock boo, St. Vincent.

And that may be one of the reasons that the short-lived couple has officially called it quits. 

Cara Delevingne, St. Vincent Photo

Or it may have had something to do with the reports that Cara drinks tequila first thing in the morning. Who knows?

Either way, it's an exciting day for lesbian hipsters the world over, as two of the most famous (and hottest) are back on the market.

Many causes have been cited for why these two decided to go their separate ways, but most of them come back around to the significant difference in their ages and maturity levels.

St. Vincent (real name, Annie Clark) is 32, while Cara is only 22, and while that may not sound like a deal-breaker, it's important to note that Cara isn't exactly known for her grown-up sophistication.

In addition to that whole early-morning hard liquor thing, Cara has gained a reputation for emotional outbursts that occasionally turn violent.

Just last month, Delevingne brawled with Naomi Campbell at a Paris Fashion Week event.

Cara may be the next big thing in the modeling world, but based on what we've heard, she's got a whole lot of growing up to do. Sounds like you may have dodged a bullett on this one, St. Vin.

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