Alfie Allen: Ramsay Bolton Tortures Another Character on Season 5 of Game of Thrones and It's "Hard to Watch"

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Remember in season 3 of Game of Thrones when Ramsay Snow took Theon Greyjoy captive, tortured him for an entire season and eventually lopped his dong off? Yeah, we tried to erase it from our memories too, but no luck!

Anyway, it looks like we're in for more of the same this season, as the sadist (now Ramsay Bolton) and the victim (now Reek) have defied the odds and stuck it out as the most dysfunctional, one-sided couple on TV since Jon and Kate Gosselin!

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Of course, Ramsay has already broken Theon's mind (That'll happen when you eat sausage in front of a wang-less man.), so he now has bigger fish to torture. 

But just because he's done pretty much the worst things imaginable to Reek (Did we mention the wang?), that doesn't mean Ramsay's through messing with the guy.

It seems that Mr. Bolton is now taking a two-for-one approach by torturing a different character and making Theon (and us) watch.

In a recent interview, Alfie Allen spilled the beans about what Game of Thrones Season 5 has to offer in terms of torture porn. Hope you're not a fan of sleeping at night!

"There's something that happens about halfway through this season that is really going to make huge waves, and people aren't going to be happy about it," Allen says in a recent interview.

"It's hard to watch. I bear witness to this thing, and it's crazy, sort of having to portray how messed up everyone's situation is through my own reactions to what happens. Get ready for it."

Pressed for details, Allen says, "There's this one character who crosses both of our paths, and [Ramsay] certainly enjoys tormenting this character. It can be tough to watch for some people, without a doubt."

Book readers likely already know which character incurs Ramsay's wrath (Keep da spoilers outta da comments, youse guys!), but for the rest of us, it'll come as a shock...a revolting, nightmare fueling shock.

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