The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11 Recap: Women Tell All, Yet Not Really

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11, The Women Tell All special brought with it some interesting revelations about the season we've been watching.

If you're looking for The Bachelor spoilers, well, just follow the link, because sitting through these two hours on ABC didn't do a lot for you in that respect.

Still, it wasn't without its entertaining moments. Let's break down the two-hour rundown, hosted by Chris Harrison, of "the most shocking season ever" ...

After a brief interlude of Bachelor party hopping and corn-tequila drinking (yes, that is a thing), it's time for a walk down memory, waterproof makeup lane.

It's a walk you might wish you could forget ... or already did as far as the women shown on The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11. Who was that again!?

Not that it was all totally random. We didn't see ABC name Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette, but she did sit down for a Q&A looking smoking hot.

Ditto Britt Nilsson, who kicked things off by beefing with Carly when Chris (Harrison) puts her in the hot seat and asks if she's been faking it all season.

Safe to say she was not universally popular in the house. Was that because she's just so gorgeous and charismatic? Or a total phony slash crazy person?

Kelsey Poe, like Britt, sniffled and cried through a highlight (lowlight?) reel of her antics and was asked why the women all seem to not like her either.

She admits she is “condescending” and “I use big words,” which fires up the Mascara Mob and leaves her in tears before the next commercial break.

A brief reprieve from tears was offered by Ashley S., the odd young woman who was trolling the show and acting full-on loony tunes early in the season.

Then we got all serious again with Jade Roper, who is still jilted by Chris Soules' breaking up with her after ogling Jade Roper Playboy photos online.

You know. Standard things that happen when you visit a girl's hometown.

Speaking of jilted, Kaitlyn Bristowe did not discuss the fact that she will be the next Bachelorette, but also rehashed her emotions after being rejected.

Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff sure seem like nice girls, but Kaitlyn was still stunned that she got the boot after being so authentic, open and vulnerable.

Finally, it's Chris Soules' turn, and when Prince Farming himself comes up on the stage, Britt Nilsson gives him a big hug. She is a hugger as we know.

The 33-year-old Iowan denies that Carly had anything to do with his decision to send Britt packing, which Britt doesn't seem to want to believe. Oh well.

As for Kaitlyn, Chris tells her that he was honestly falling in love with three different women and randomly chose Becca over her. It was a coin flip, Kait!

Yeah ... not sure if that was supposed to make her feel better or worse.

Either way, Kaitlyn was understandably hurt by the nature of his decision, and also wanted to know why he even made her go through the Rose Ceremony.

Chris has nothing for her on that front, or for Jade, who wanted a clarification about a word choice on his weekly blog, making him sweat it out even more.

And there you have it. Who will win it all next week, Becca or Whitney? Who do you think is the best fit for Chris, and will Kaitlyn be the best Bachelorette ever?

Hit the comments, scroll through the photos above and below (because it's worth it for fans of either Bachelor cutie) and let us know your thoughts!

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