Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet: Dating! You Won't Believe Their Age Difference …

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Age is only if you're rock legend Jimmy Page, who at 71, has been photographed several times now holding hands with much younger actress Scarlett Sabet.

Just how much younger is she? Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor ...

Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet Pics

Sabet is a youthful 25. Twenty. Five. That's a 46-year age difference.

The iconic Led Zeppelin guitar great and Sabet were seen strolling together near his home in London earlier this week in matching leather jackets.

Page has been seen with her several other times this year as well.

Sort of Creepy Jimmy Page Fun Fact: He has 44-year-old daughter, whose name is the same as his current girlfriend, albeit with one fewer letter: Scarlet.

He has four other children as well, ranging in age from 16-26.

For whatever it's worth, Page has been married two times before, to Patricia Ecker from 1986-95, and to Jimena Gomez-Paratcha from 1995-2008.

Will this cringe-worthy paid last? Check out other celebrity couples with huge age gaps below and see how similarly age-mismatched duos have fared:

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