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Earlier this week, video of Derick Dillard trying to run over a cat while sledding created an uproar online.

Dillard posted the video on Instagram, and many 19 Kids and Counting fans were shocked to hear members of the Duggar family laughing at Derick’s troubling act of animal cruelty:

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Now, animal rights group PETA has responded to the controversy with an open letter to Dillard in which Sarah Withrow King – the organization’s "Director of Christian Outreach and Engagement" – requests that Derick publicly apologize for the video that has upset so many.

"Might doesn’t make right, but that’s the message you’ve sent to scores of impressionable young children and loyal fans," King writes.

"I hope you’ll publicly apologize for your actions and remind your followers that Jesus’ command to ‘do unto others’ includes all of God’s creatures."

The letter reflects the sentiments expressed by hundreds of Derick’s followers who commented on the original video.

Remarkably, Derick has yet to remove the controversial clip from his Instagram page despite the backlash.

He’s clearly unconcerned about his reputation, but if there’s any truth to the rumors of Derick and Jill getting their own reality show, he may want to start protecting his public image.

Responding to PETA’s letter would be a good first step.

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