Amber Portwood Responds to Farrah Abraham Twitter Diss: Leave My Daughter Out of This!

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Last week, Farrah Abraham slammed the other Teen Moms with one of her strangest criticisms to date.

Farrah tweeted a photo of her memoir, along with a comment about how none of her co-stars' autobiographies featured photos of their kids on the cover.

It was a strange critique made stranger by the fact that most of the Teen Mom tell-alls are not exactly filled with kid-friendly material.

Fortunately, Amber Portwood pointed this fact out on Twitter and reminded the world once again that everybody hates Farrah Abraham.

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"What does this mean?" Amber tweeted in response to Farrah. "I did it out of respect for my 6 year old who shouldn't be on the cover of a book talking about drugs and sex."

Farrah never replied, but she and Amber seem to have patched things up. Yesterday, Farrah tweeted a photo of the Teen Mom: OG cast and described Amber as a "beautiful lady."

Amber, Farrah and company have been under the spotlight recently as a result of their highly-anticipated return to the world of reality TV on March 23.

While we'll have to wait until then to find out exactly what the girls have been up to for the last few months, at least one thing is certain - Farrah's incredible talent for pissing off her castmates remains intact.

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