Teen Mom OG Preview: What Are the "Original Girls" Up to Now?

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Yesterday, the first trailer for Teen Mom OG hit the Internet like a ton of dysfunctional, melodramatic bricks.

It promises some serious drama and reveals that the cast shares the rest of the world's opinion about Farrah Abraham. (She sucks.) 

However, the clip doesn't tell us much about what challenges the girls will be struggling with in the coming season. (And it's Teen Mom, so you know they'll be struggling.)

Fortunately, an anonymous producer spoke with E! News recently to give a run-down of exactly what we can expect from the four OGs.

"Catelynn and Tyler find out they're expecting a baby of their own as they struggle to mend a strained relationship with the adoptive parents of their daughter, Carly," says the source.

Catelynn gave birth to a baby girl last month, but the producer didn't specify if the show was still filming at that time.

"Maci finds love with her new boyfriend, Taylor, who recently moved to Tennessee to be with her," the insider says of fan-favorite Maci Bookout. "Soon after his arrival, the couple finds themselves dealing with an unexpected pregnancy."

Yes, it's nice to hear that Catelynn and Maci have found love and relative stability, but what everyone really wants to know is: What are the Teen Mom Trainwrecks Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham up to?

"Newly released from prison, Amber is trying to raise daughter Leah with the help of her ex, Gary, who is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend," the source says.

Apparently, we also get a first look at Amber's new boyfriend, Matt Baier. Can't be as bad as Gary, right?

And then there's Farrah...

"Farrah continues to juggle parenting with mending relations with her own mother...Will she finally be able to find happiness while balancing motherhood, he new love and her career?"

Just to be clear when they say "career," they mean stripping. Farrah is a stripper. Just sayin'.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to refresh your memory on just how wild these girls can get.

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