11 Famous Women Who are Definitely Not Gold Diggers

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What's the opposite of a gold digger?

A bronze plower?

There may not be a term for this type of individual, but the following famous women may want to try and invent one. Because it fits them perfectly!

Indeed, while countless marriages between celebrities continue to fall apart, these 11 actresses and singers have discovered that the key to eternal bliss may be to simply be average in their love life.

They've all exchanged vows with men who most would consider to be Average Joes, husbands who are very far off the Hollywood radar, at least when compared to their A-lister wives.

Granted, some have seen their celebrity stock rise in recent years, but only in conjunction with their far better-known better halves.

Yes, we know you played in the NFL for a number of years, Eric Johnson.

But you didn't land a single magazine cover until you landed Jessica Simpson.

So tip your cap above to women who don't care about their man's bank account... and also to men who don't care about who brings home the bacon.

Just about with whom they are sharing that bacon across the breakfast table every morning.

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