How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 15 Recap: Who Killed Lila?

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Wait. So the killer is... dead?

ABC aired a double dose of How to Get Away with Murder last night, wrapping up one of the most successful first seasons of a drama in TV history with one jaw-dropped after another.

First, on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 14, Annalise defended a priest accused of killing another priest.

Then, How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 15, we received the answer to one of the show's most pressing questions: Who killed Lila?!?

We learned toward the end of the finale that Frank actually strangled Lila and then disposed of her corpse in the water tank.

HOWEVER, he did this dastardly deed on behalf of Sam because Frank owed Sam some kind of mysterious favor.

This twist was merely the first game-changer, though, as it turns out Rebecca had not been telling the whole truth. Stunning, right?!?

She did actually send the text message to Lila from Griffin's phone... and she did actually end up in the water tank with Lila's dead body. Moreover, she drugged Rudy with something called "Purple X" and it caused him to horrifyingly crawl at the walls.

The students discovered these actions and proceeded to tie up Rebecca via duct tape while interrogating her. Instead of providing answers, though, she played coy and then tried blackmailing them while sending strange texts such as “Eggs 911.”

But she only succeeded in getting herself tied up in Annalise's basement… until she disappeared.

That is, until the closing moments when Annalise joined Frank in the basement and asked: "Did you do it?"

She was asking whether Frank killed Lila, right? Nope, she was asking whether Frank killed Rebecca because HE WAS STANDING OVER HER DEAD BODY!!!!!!

While you process that stunner, let's rundown some quick hitters from the finale:

  • Bonnie and Asher grew a lot closer.
  • Michaela learned that that Laurel had been hiding her ring the whole time.
  • Connor tested negative for any STDs, but Oliver revealed that he tested positive for HIV.

As you go back and watch How to Get Away with Murder online (because how could you not?!?), these are the questions we'll be pondering until Viola Davis is back in our lives this fall:

Who murdered Rebecca? Who is Eggs? Why did Frank owe Sam? Oh, and... WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS?

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