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George Zimmerman allegedly hurled a wine bottle at his girlfriend’s head last weekend, resulting in the latest in a string of arrests for Trayvon Martin’s killer.

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Since being acquitted in his murder trial after killing Martin – he claimed self-defense – Zimmerman has run afoul of the law on more than one occasion.

He’s been questioned by police in two prior domestic altercations, with his then-wife Shellie Zimmerman, and with then-girlfriend Samantha Scheibe.

According to a police report, this alleged domestic incident went down January 5 when Zimmerman and the woman were arguing over one of his paintings.

Oh yes, George Zimmerman is a painter now.

Law enforcement officials say the girlfriend became upset at him over a work of art that he wanted back, and then George tossed the bottle at her.

He missed, hitting his garage door instead.

Police questioned Zimmerman about the fight on January 9, at which point he claimed that she threw the bottle. Suffice it to say, cops weren’t buying it.

They arrested him for aggravated assault.

TMZ reports that the unnamed woman has been dating him for a few months. How seriously? She used to "get drunk in the past and have sex with him before."

True love.