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Dogs are considered Man’s Best Friend for a multitude of reasons.

First, there’s their enthusiasm over the smallest things in life, as evidenced by this canine’s reaction to a ball pit.

Then, there’s their sheer cuteness, as depicted adorably these 11 dogs in Christmas sweaters.

Above all else, however, one word best sums up the appeal of these four-legged creatures: LOYALTY.

Dog Chases Owner in Ambulance

And there are few better examples of a dog’s loyalty than the above video, which features a pet racing after an ambulance after its owner has a seizure and gets whisked away to the hospital.

The dog’s persistence (and impressive speed!) forced the EMTs to pull over and let him inside the vehicle, while the footage posted here also depicts the dog by his owner’s side while inside the hospital.

We hope the owner enjoyed a full recovery… and then we hope his best pal enjoyed a well-deserved treat.