Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 13: Reunited & It Feels So ...

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The third installment of a three-part reunion special, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 13 aired last night on Oxygen, after a long holiday hiatus.

Why make fans wait for the final chapter? It's unclear.

Did any even remember it was still on? Also unclear.

In any case, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 13 made for a fitting conclusion to a season in which former stars of the hit franchise all sought Redemption.

Who left with their heads held high? Or not so high?

Well, first of all, Judi was shocked when Rima came at her (verbally), setting the stage for some serious tension among the fellow cast members.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Redd opened up about their true feelings regarding their former housemates, and they did not hold back in the process.

Would you expect anything less of them? Exactly.

As always, Life Coach Laura did what she could in this uphill battle of trying to help the baddest of the bad girls love one another, and themselves.

Follow the link watch Bad Girls Club online to see how she fared in that endeavor, and how the 13th season of the reality TV hit closed things out.

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