Azealia Banks Slams Kendrick Lamar on Twitter: Shut Your Face!

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Many have wondered how Azealia Banks passed her time during the four freakin' years that she didn't release any new music. And now we know:

Clearly, she committed herself to becoming the Violet Beauregarde of haters, swelling up with bitter envy directed at every rapper who's more famous than she is. (Read: all of them)

These days, Ms. Bank$ is attempting to become relevant again - and prevent herself from exploding with jealousy - by venting her frustration in the form of seething, often racially-charged Twitter tirades.

Remember when rappers had to write songs in order to express their contempt for one another? Those were the days.

Anyway, whether she's calling T.I.'s wife ugly or referring to Iggy Azalea as "Satan in the form of mayonnaise," Banks is currently hip hop's foremost hater, so we suppose it was only a matter of time before she aimed her fury at the genre's current king:

Azealia Banks Rapping

Kendrick Lamar appears on the cover of the new issue of Billboard magazine, and it seems Azealia didn't appreciate the Compton native's comments about his experiences as a black man growing up in one of America's roughest cities.

As you may have guessed, she didn't keep her insights to herself:

"HOW DARE YOU open your face to a white publication and tell them we don't respect ourselves," Banks wrote in a tweet directed at Lamar. "Speak for your f--king self...Dumbest sh-t I've ever heard a black man say."

It's been suggested that Banks' comments have more to do with Lamar's defense of her rival Iggy Azalea ("She's doing her thing. Let her.") than with his views on race relations, but in any event, it looks as though Kendrick won't deign to reply. 

Probably a good idea. 

Banks continues to pick fights with Eminem, T.I., and other more famous artists in hopes that someone will stoop to her level and help her rise above her Twitter Troll Queen status. Thus far, no one has taken the bait.

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