The Selfie: THG Celebrity of the Year #5!

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Two trends swept the nation in 2014:

  1. The Twerk.
  2. The Selfie.

But while the former dance move was mostly reserved for those such as Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, the latter has been adopted by singers and actors; reality stars and athletes; laymen and laywomen across the globe.

In short, try to find a single individual out there who has not snapped at least one selfie this year and you'll quickly understand why this self-portrait has earned its status as THG Celebrity of the Year #5.

Some use the selfie to simply remain famous (hi, Kim Kardashian!), while others use it to break the Internet (well done, Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars!).

Other celebrities pose their cute kids in front of the camera for it, while others put their private parts front and center.

Regular folks, meanwhile, take advantage of the selfie when they come into contact with famous people, subtly recording proof of these quasi meetings as follows:

They are selfies of baby bumps out there and selfies taken by fighter jet pilots (seriously!).

There are makeup-freeĀ selfies, plane crash selfies and, yes, a book of selfies on the way from Kim Kardashian (as if you're surprised).

Will this trend ever come to an end? Probably not; not as long as there are phones and social media accounts available to use.

But at least we can hope that people will learn to regular their pictures a bit better, as 2015 will maybe mark the year where the following types of selfies will never surface online ever again.

Who are we kidding, though? These selfie-obsessedĀ celebrities likely won't ever stop taking photos of themselves in every conceivable pose. It's how they remain relevant, after all.

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