Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Breaking Bad

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Thanks to the spell of Shattered Sight, the residents of Storybrooke broke bad on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11.

They waged war against each other, while a flashback revealed just how close Emma and Ingrid had been at one point.

Go ahead and watch Once Upon a Time online via the following video and/or scroll down for a complete recap of all the action...

We’ll go backward first, as the Snow Queen arrived in Boston in 1982 and asked a psychic about the “girl not born yet.”

She is told about someone named “Susan” and 17 years later Ingrid finds Emma, protecting her as a foster mother from the house bully and providing her with the “extraordinary gifts” with which the young girl will later surprise some folks.

Soon after Igrid tells Emma of her plan to atop her, she goads the child into using her powers to stop a vehicle from running her over.

Emma then freaks out over this “nut job” who wants to be her parents and runs away. We then cut to Ingrid’s arrival in Storybrooke in 2001.

Emma finally shows up (a decade later) in her ice cream shop, but freaks out again over this woman who has been waiting for her, along with talk of magic and all that. So Ingrid erases her memories of their past and embeds them in a crystal.

IN STORYBROOKE… The Spell of Shattered Sight as set everyone against each other.

Emma and Elsa figure the only way to destroy this curse is to destroy the Snow Queen, with Emma thinking that antagonizing Regina (hate) could counteract the ribbons (love) that prohibit this act.

The plan works, as the Evil Queen’s taunting of Emma (after Emma claimed she brought Marian to town on purpose to break up her rival’s romance) leads to a fireball that the sisters use to dissolve their ribbons.

Emma then zaps Regina and off the siblings run.

They confront Ingrid, but still can’t hurt her. That’s because they still have some love for her she claims. They still recall some “good” memories.

Enter Anna. She has found the message in a bottle from her and Elsa’s mom and it explains everything about the sister who possessed magic, as well as another one she made Arendelle forget all about.

Gerda regretted this choice and beseeches her daughters to retrieve Ingrid from the urn, restoring Arendelle’s memories so that they may know her again.

“I am a monster,” Ingrid says in response. “Not because of my powers but because of what I let them turn me into.”

She undoes the curse, even at her own mortal danger.

Elsa and Anna then agree they’ll complete their their mother’s wishes and return to Arendelle with the lost memories of Ingrid (and, also, Helga). However, while the Snow Queen’s plan has failed, Rumplestiltskin is dead set on seeing his succeed.

He WILL leave the town behind - and he can’t promise that the “rest of the world” won’t cause some problems for Storybrooke down the line.

Meaning what, exactly? The ABC promo for Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12 gives us a pretty clear idea:

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