CSI Season 15 Episode 9 Recap: Deal or No Deal?

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Sunday on CBS' CSI Season 15 Episode 9, the long-running procedural featured the case of an inmate on the run and a body found inside the jail.

CSI Season 15 Episode 9, titled, "Let's Make A Deal," began with a body discovered by an inmate while he was running away from officers ... behind bars.

That's a most unusual premise with which to uncover a murder, for sure.

Once inside the jail, Nick and the other Las Vegas CSI team members had a hard time singling out a suspect for obvious reasons. Just look around.

The Clark County jail was literally filled with people who were only there because of the various crimes that they committed, including violent murders.

The reason the guy ran in the first place was an interesting one.

This was not an escape attempt, but a knee-jerk panic attack to a vaccination, as the inmate is deathly afraid of needles. He even warned the guards.

After freaking out, he picked quite an interesting spot to hide.

What did he find there, how did our beloved team spring into action in response to his grisly discovery, and who was behind it at the end of the day?

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