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Back in July, reality star Bethenny Frankel wore her 4-year-old daughter’s clothes on Instagram, and found herself harshly criticized for glamorizing an unhealthy body ideal.

Apparently Nicole Richie didn’t learn from the Skinny Girl’s ordeal, as she recently posted a photo of herself rocking 6-year-old daughter Harlow’s jacket online:

“Thanks for letting me borrow your jacket Harlow,” Richie captioned the above photo.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Richie, of course, is the former party girl who rose to fame as Paris Hilton’s BFF and co-star of the proto-reality show, The Simple Life.

Nicole has calmed down considerably in recent years, and the most controversial thing she’s done lately is dye her hair purple

Of course, if the response to Richie sporting the latest in toddler fashion is anything like the backlash experienced by Frankel, the Candidly Nicole star may soon find herself issuing apologies.

In Bethenny’s case the outrage was so extreme that a judge blasted Frankel for her insensitive selfie.

Nicole probably won’t receive quite the same negative response, as she only wore Harlow’s jacket and not a full outfit, like Bethenny.

Even so Richie’s weight has been a subject of scrutiny, and one would think she’d be sensitive enough to the pressure created by body image ideals to not boast about her slender frame on social media.

Pro tip, Nicole: If you really like your daughter’s jacket, go on and have one made for yourself. You know you’re rich, right?