Jenelle Evans: Feuding With Allison Stevens (a.k.a. First Nathan Griffith Baby Mama)!

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently in the midst of an online beef with Allison Stevens, also known as the former wife and baby mama of Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith's Daughter
Nathan Griffith Shirtless Pic

The mother of Nathan's daughter, Emery, apparently doesn't want Nathan spending time with her (Emery lives with her grandparents), which she has recently.

According to Jenelle, Nathan sees his daughter only once a month, but it looks as though their most recent time together did not sit well with Allison.

Allison says Nathan "only married me so he could get more housing money," among other gems, and asked of Griffith "what are u doing better for yourself."

This didn't sit well with Jenelle Evans.

Regarding that last quote, she wrote, "Enlighten me what u r doing to better your future for 'your family'. I'm doing everything in my power I can to better myself and my future."

"You're a joke."

Burrrrrn. And wow, she even got the grammar right on "you're." It looks as though back to school has done wonders for Evans in more ways than one.

After Nathan got in on the act personally and slammed Allison for being immature, she turned around and accused him of selling his soul to MTV "and a woman."

Oooh, it's getting ugly!

Don't get us wrong, we watch Teen Mom 2 online and enjoy covering a good Twitter beef as much as the next celebrity gossip website. More so, even.

But for the sake of the children involved - Jenelle has a son by Andrew Lewis and another son by Nathan - here's hoping they bury the hatchet ASAP.

And honestly, how bad can Jenelle possibly be these days. She's become flat out boring by Teen Mom 2 standards, caring only about the kids and school.


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