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They may have just welcomed their first child together, but Eva Mendes is reportedly jealous of Ryan Gosling and his former flame, Rachel McAdams.

In a story ripped straight from the celebrity gossip tabloids – and the fantasies of millions of The Notebook fans – Ryan has been chatting with Rachel lately.

At least he was … until Eva FORBADE him from doing so!

Insiders allege that the 40-year-old Mendes was livid when Gosling’s Notebook co-star and former real-life love called … to congratulate him on fatherhood.

“Rachel had the best of intentions when she called,” the source says. “She wanted to congratulate Ryan on the baby, and to find out how he was doing.”

McAdams’ harmless well wishes were apparently not welcomed.

While the rest of us have begun to assume (albeit begrudgingly) that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are in it for life, Eva evidently isn’t as positive.

To put it mildly. “It caused a big scene,” the insider reports.

How big a scene? Big enough that it won’t happen again.

“Now Eva’s banned him from taking Rachel’s calls.”

Oooh. While the two may be committed to raising their baby daughter Esmeralda, the actress is reportedly “convinced Rachel’s trying to win him back.”

While we don’t fall into that camp, it is fun to think about … tabloid editors sitting around and thinking about stories like this to run as if they were true.

Also fun, for loyal Gosling devotees? The photo gallery below.

You’re welcome. Don’t say we never did anything for you.