Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: Building a Home For the Holidays

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The Robertson family has its share of detractors, but on Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 4, they showed us just how generous and kind a family they can be.

How did they do so, with the holiday season upon us?

The big storyline from Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 4 was the Duck Commander family proving that family - and faith - are the driving forces in their lives.

The definition of putting your money where your mouth is, and walking the walk after talking the talk, they went above and beyond to help one of their employees.

During the family Christmas gift exchange, Willie Roberson announced that they would be giving an old family friend a new home for Christmas this year.

She's fallen on hard times, they've known her for 40 years, and it's the least they can do, they said. No one in the family questioned the gift for a second.

Even cooler was the fact that they built a beautiful modular home, built a deck, and made everything look awesome from scratch before the big reveal.

If you watch Duck Dynasty online, you know there have been some sappy moments over the years, but none quite like the way Mrs. Lewis was moved.

She brought Phil and Miss Kay to tears during their prayer, as well, with her humility and thankfulness for what fellow human beings had done for each other.

It was just a wonderful scene and holiday message.

Duck Dynasty Cast Christmas Photo

Speaking of Phil, this is still Duck Dynasty, and this week that meant he was paired with his daughters-in-law in the kitchen. Suffice it to say, it was hilarious.

Usually, Korie, Jessica and Missy Robertson are playing straight to their husbands, but with Phil, it's like you have all three of the husbands put together.

Perhaps due to some of the controversies surrounding Phil, or maybe just because Phil's out doing his own thing, he hasn't been on the show much lately.

This marked a fun return to the forefront for him. Finally, Willie was recording a Christmas song, which - like Phil in the kitchen - went about how you'd guess.

If you've heard the Robertson family's Duck the Halls album, you know he's actually not a bad singer, but he played the role of one this week to a T.

Si, who of course came along for the experience, recorded his own songs, which were ... Si. And Willie using all auto tune is now stuck in our brains.

Follow the above links to check out this Christmas episode from start to finish, then scroll through pics of the Duck Dynasty cast without beards below.

And Merry Christmas!!!

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