Cameron Diaz Remains Mum on Benji Madden Engagement, Has Learned from Past Mistakes

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Cameron Diaz is rarely one to hold back an opinion.

She once said that all women are kind of lesbians and also once told women to dress their vaginas.

However, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress constantly deflected questions about whether or not she's engaged to Benji Madden, only answering relationship questions in the broadest of terms.

Cameron Diaz in Cosmopolitan

"You have to find someone in the same place as you are. Timing is everything," Diaz says, explaining:

"If you get into a relationship where you want something the guy doesn’t want, it’s never gonna work. You’re never going to get him to be in that place. No matter how old you are, finding the guy who’s in the same place as you are and wants to show up is the only way a relationship works, period."

And things with Madden have clearly been working well, whether or not we'll be hearing any wedding bells in the near future.

"Here’s the thing," Diaz also said, speaking of women in general.

"You make the same mistake over and over again until you learn your lesson. We girls sometimes do the thing where we pick the same person over and over again – they look and seem different, but deep down, they’re the same. And that’s on us."

Diaz has never been married, but her past is littered with pretty serious relationships with some pretty well known individuals.

There was Alex Rodriguez (2010 to 2011)... Paul Sculfor (2008 to 2009)... Justin Timberlake (2003 to 2007)... Jared Leto (1999 to 2003)... Matt Dillon (1995 to 1998)... and Carlos de La Torre (1990 to 1994).

Will Madden be the one to finally tie Cameron down? We don't know. But we sort of assume Cameron is the type of girl who likes to be tied down - if you know what we mean!

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