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Last month, TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in the wake of the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel sex scandal.

The series was the only means of support for most of the Shannon family, and to make matters worse, June was accused of stealing from Anna Shannon’s trust fund, leaving her eldest daughter without a dime.

Yesterday, we learned that Anna had been criticized by fans for raising money online. She quickly deleted her Go Fund Me account and apologized on her Facebook page.

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However, Anna’s latest effort to make some cash might have fans wishing she’d go back to just flat-out begging, as she’s started a promoting a controversial product that boasts some truly unbelievable properties:


Anna is plugging Young Living Essential Oils on her social media accounts.

The company sounds harmless enough, but they’ve been repeatedly warned by the FDA about claiming that their products can prevent Ebola.

The company responded that protection against the deadly virus is just one of their line’s many uses. Apparently, Young Living oils can also prevent cancer.

Needless to say, some fans have already expressed their doubts about Young Living’s claims and criticized Anna for promoting such a questionable product.

Yes, Anna’s story just continues to get sadder as we watch the young mother of one struggle to support her family through various sketchy business ventures. Someone give this girl a spinoff series, ASAP!