Uncle Poodle Confirms: June Shannon is Sleeping With Mark McDaniel

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Over the past week, June Shannon has participated in a series of interviews that have only managed to make her appear to be an even worse mother than we initially thought.

First, Shannon claimed the photo of her in bed with Mark McDaniel is a fake. As you might expect, she has no evidence of this, but she continues to stick to her story.

After that outrageous accusation, June revealed that McDaniel has leukemia, as though that fact has any bearing on her decision to enter into a romantic relationship with the man who molested her daughter.

Then, of course, came the biggest lie of all, as June claimed that she and McDaniel are not sleeping together, and she's merely taking pity on a sick man (who sexually assaulted her daughter).

Thankfully, there's at least one person in Shannon's inner circle who's willing to publicly call her out:

Lee Thompson (better known as "Uncle Poodle") sat down with Dr. Phil recently and stated he has definitive knowledge that Shannon is sleeping with McDaniel.

"June is lying," Thompson says in the interview. "She's been lying from the get-go. She tells everyone, 'Oh, we haven't had sex.' Yes they have.

As for the photo that June claims was Photoshopped by TMZ? Thompson says he has proof the pic is legit.

"I know where it was taken," he tells Dr. Phil "At the hotel she and Mark stayed at."

Shannon and Thompson's interviews with Dr. Phil will air in their entirety later today. We imagine they won't do much to improve the public's opinion of Mama June. 

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