Tracy Morgan: Fighting Severe Brain Injury, Future Unknown

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A lawyer for Tracy Morgan provided an update on the actor yesterday.

And the news is not encouraging.

Outside a federal courthouse in New Jersey, Benedict Morelli told reporters of Morgan, who was involved in a horrific car accident this summer:

Mr. Morgan is a fighter. He's fighting to get better. And if there's a chance for him to be back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he's going to try to do that. But we just don't know because of the severity of the injuries that he sustained and the fact that he had such a severe brain injury.

The former 30 Rock star is pursuing a lawsuit against Walmart for negligence after one of the company's truck drivers ran into a limousine carrying Morgan and six others back in June.

The accident killed one of Morgan's good friends and mentors, 62-year-old James "Jimmy Mack" McNair.

Morgan was placed in critical condition after the crash and has been very slow to recover from the injuries he sustained.

The actor/comedian hasn't said much since this incident took place, but Morgan did respond in late September to Walmart's assertion that he and his passengers are partly to blame for the fallout from the crash because they weren't wearing seatbelts at the time.

"After I heard what Walmart said in court I felt I had to speak out," he said. "I can't believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing nothing wrong.

"I want to thank my fans for sticking with me during this difficult time. I love you all. I'm fighting hard every day to get back."

And we wish him the best of luck as he does so.

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