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Last night on The 100 Season 2 Episode 5, Kane led a mission of peace, Finn’s search for Clarke took a turn for the dangerous, and Jasper made a risky decision.

Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Online
Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Online

At the start of The 100 Season 2 Episode 5, Abby recognizes her daughter after they are reunited at the camp. Clarke is also reunited with Raven.

Once Clarke finds out Finn is still out there looking for her, the good mood sours. Abby orders the kids to stay behind, but they go after Finn instead.

Meanwhile, Finn and Murphy find Lincoln’s village and set the Grounders’ food shed on fire. Finn threatens them for information about their friends.

Nyko insists they don’t have them, and that Octavia was there, that’s it.


When one of the Grounders makes a run for it, Finn shoots him dead.

Nyko’s son ends up getting shot in the ensuing battle, which ends as Murphy finally gets Finn to stop firing and Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia show up.

Finn announces that he has found Clarke.

While this is going on, Kane’s mission to broker peace with the Grounders goes awry, as he frees a prisoner only to be knocked out and put in a hole.

In the trap, he and Jaha are reunited.

Over at Mount Weather, Maya is ill from radiation, with Dr. Tsing telling her she will need her blood to be put through Jasper’s system in order to survive.

Jasper agrees, despite the big risk.

Both of them appear to come through this fine, but not without fallout, as President Wallace is living that Dr. Tsing tried this procedure without permission.

Dante’s son, who’s in charge of the Cerberus program, doesn’t show much regard for the well being of others, instead turning Grounders into Reapers.

Lincoln is given a dose of medication and subjected to a high-pitched noise repeatedly until he is put in a room with another Grounder to fight for the drug.

He "wins," killing the other man.

Want to see the installment for yourself? What else happened this week? Follow the link to watch The 100 online and see it unfold from start to finish!