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Ever since Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in prison, the Bravo network has been the one place that she’s able to turn to for sympathy.

Andy Cohen interviewed Teresa in a compassionate, but no-nonsense fashion after her trial wrapped up.

Other Bravo stars have expressed their condolences, such as when Brandi Glanville called Teresa’s situation "sad" last week. 

But a celeb who sat down with Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night was certainly not eager to join Teresa’s pity party:

Lisa Kudrow to Teresa Giudice: Don't Commit Crimes

When former Friends star and Real Housewives aficionado Lisa Kudrow was asked about the Teresa situation, she certainly didn’t mince words:


"I felt really bad for [Teresa’s daughters]," Lisa began. "Then I remembered that’s why we don’t commit crimes, because we think about our families and our children."

Asked about the Giudices feud with castmate Jim Marchese, Kudrow responded:

"I’m on his side. I can’t spend time with these people, because I also like to avoid felons."

Harsh. Guess Lisa’s put her flower child Phoebe Buffay days behind her.

But even if Cohen and company invite the occasional anti-Teresa guest, Bravo has still been very good to the Giudices.

The network offered Teresa the chance to film a new season of Jersey Housewives before she’s forced to report to prison, which resulted in a massive payday for her family.

As always, you can watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see the Giudices in happier times.