Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Spilled Juice

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Juice finally spilled on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11.

With his suspicions raised by what Abel said last week, and with Unser then telling him that the Chinese man Gemma picked out as Tara's killer was in a Vegas drunk tank the night she was murdered, Jax sat across from Juice in jail this week.

He learned that Juice killed Lin and he got a recording of Lin naming Charlie Barosky as the club's rat.

Watch Sons of Anarchy online and see how Jax responds to the truth about Gemma.

He then pressed Juice for the truth about him and Gemma and she was helping him... only to hear the complete true story about what happened the night Tara was stabbed to death.

"Thank you," Jax said in reply, fighting off tears. "I'll make sure it's quick."

So this admission seemingly spells the end of Juice... but what about Gemma?

Juice called Gemma and told her what he passed along to her son. She packed a bag in response. She got soem help from Chucky. She said goodbye to her grandkids and to Nero (who broke down when Jax told him the truth) and she drove out of town.

Later on, Jax revealed everything to SAMCRO.

He started by telling them about Barosky and that he's gonna sit down with the Indian Hills charter and admit his mistake in killing Jury. As previously noted by Rat, this may lead to a Mayhem vote between clubs.

He also opened up about Gemma, much to the shock of everyone at the table.

Jax took full responsibility, sounding very much like a broken man. Which he is, of course. 

Charlie Hunnam was simply fantastic this week, playing Jax as a man who is no longer sure of anything, who still loves his mother (as he told Nero), but who's entire world has been shattered.

He's also wanted by the police because Unser told Jarry Jax should be off the street, so she put out an APB after he punched Unser in the face. When we leave Jax, he's hiding out in Alvarez's warehouse.

The entire hour was focused on this storyline, on the truth finally coming out and on fans now be left to wonder as they look toward Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12: Is there any way this ends well? For anyone?!?

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