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This week, on Prison Wives Club Season 1 Episode 4, tensions were at an all-time high, which is saying something for a show based upon this premise.

Who and what were the causes this time out?

Watch Prison Wives Club Season 1 Episode 4 Online
Watch Prison Wives Club Season 1 Episode 4 Online

Leading the way in the tumult? Kate’s man.

This con became really upset when his wife sought comfort with an old friend. It’s the sort of problem that tends to happen if you man lives in a prison.

LaQuisha and Ana, meanwhile, were in the middle of a power struggle between Kate and Jhemini, which proved as awkward as it was rather uncomfortable.

But the episode was also moving, for sure.

In a stirring and surprising moment, the Prison Wives Club helped a new member reach out to and reconnect with her long-lost brother behind bars.


That was the realest moment of the show so far, and it’s one you can relive for yourself any time you like. We can’t really do it justice, so it’s worth it.

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