Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: What Did Grandma Do?

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Various quiet moments were at the heart of Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 10.

Yes, Tyler helped Jax and company set up Marks' men to be gunned down in cold blood, with SAMCRO getting revenge on Moses Cartwright by gouging out his eye and chopping off his fingers before shooting him in the head.

And, granted, Tully had his way with Juice in prison... if you know what we mean.

But this installment of the FX series also dedicated a lot of time to Tig and Venus.

We saw them having sex at the outset and then having a heart to heart about their relationship, as Venus admitted she's in love with Tig and he responded that no one has ever made him feel the way she has.

He's still working on making the entire thing feel "normal," but he really wants to try. Can't say we saw this turning into a full-fledged relationship, but we'll take all the Walton Goggins we can get.

Chibs and Jarry, meanwhile, held their own relationship-based discussion. It also started off quietly because the Sheriff said she just can't do it anymore...

... but it turned into a shoving and slapping match that resulted in more rough sex after after a few minutes.

Gemma and Nero engaged in talk about their future as well. He told Jax that Alvarez was willing to buy his half of Diosa and Gemma said she's willing to go with him to his uncle's farm for a bit.

Here is why: Abel sliced into his own arm with a fork in the school bathroom. He then told his teacher that grandma did it because he wants to punish Gemma for her "accident," for killing Tara (not that anyone else knows this, of course).

So the boys are staying with Jax and Gemma can't be alone with them (per child services) and she's both scared and sad.

But Jax is grateful that Wendy is around, even telling Abel finally that she's his real mommy. Or his "first mommy," as he phrases it.

This leads to the final, jarring scene: Jax tucks Abel into bed and he asks about Wendy. Is that why Grandma killed my second mommy, so my first mommy could come back?

Whoa there! Is the truth finally out? Will Jax believe it?

Click on the above video to watch Sons of Anarchy online and relive this shocking moment - and then get an idea of what's to come via the promo below for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11:

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