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So… is there really hope for Olivia and Fitz?

That’s what the President wanted to know on Scandal Season 4 Episode 7, following his on-again/off-again lover’s vow to close last Thursday’s installment.

Before Liv could talk about their future, however, she wants to make sure Jake was being well cared for. She also set up an off-the-books visit with a superman inmate named Tom.

Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Online
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Online

He walks the company line about Jake giving the kill order, however.

But there’s (painful) hope in this context: After a guard shivs Tom, he finally gives up Rowan as the actual puppet master, although the attack was orchestrated by Olivia and Quinn. Dastardly! And: Effective!


Olivia provides Fitz with Tom’s confession and the episode concludes with the two of them meeting with Jake in the PResidential bunker, all three set to plot against Rowan at last.

Elsewhere, Fitz chooses to replace a shamed West Virginia senator with Abby’s abusive ex-husband, Chip Putney, who causes her to be physically sick after their unexpected run-in.

She insists to Liv that she’s okay and this is for the good of the country, but Olivia is hearing it.

After encountering Chip in a parking lot and even pulling a gun on her ex, Abby opens up about their past to Leo Bergen. Next thing we know, Chip has dropped out of the race after it’s “leaked” that he set up the West Virgina’s sex scandal.

After toasting the victory with bourbon, Leo and Abby kiss (!!!!!!).

Also of note:

  • Cyrus tries to set up Michael via false intel he think will be passed along to Liz. But he ends up hearing Mellie echoing these words during a television puff piece that rubs Fitz the wrong way.
  • You wanted the "Old Mellie" back, Fitz? Here you go!
  • Quinn confronted Jeremy Winslow about his daughter overhearing something she shouldn’t have heard at his office… then grabbing the folder full of Olivia photos before meeting her demise. Winslow kills himself rather than divulge more information.
  • Quinn and Huck later show their surveillance pictures to Liv.
  • Finally, Huck’s son traces his online gamer friend’s IP address to Pope & Associates, to say, “I know you’re my dad.”

Good stuff all around, huh?

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