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Thursday on NBC’s Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9, Zeek enlisted Drew’s help, while tension between Dylan and Max led to some issues at school.

Meanwhile, Jason Ritter returned as Mark Cyr. What did that mean for Sarah?

Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 Online
Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 Online

When Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 got underway, Hank and Sarah run into Mark at Ruby’s school, while Dylan talks to Kristina about Max stalking her.

Meanwhile, Joel takes Julia to "their restaurant" in hopes of winning her back. Julia tells her mom that Joel is making it too hard to move on for good.

Sarah and Mark talk about how Amber will have a baby in about six weeks.

Zeek and Drew continue their bond and Camille worries that he’s putting his health in danger. They end up arguing about the trip among other topics.

Kristina, Adam and Max go to Dylan’s house to address the concerns. Max agrees to apologize only if she wants to meet him out of her own free will.


He goes above and beyond by promising never to go near her again.

Sarah tells Hank that there’s nowhere she would rather be than with him, despite all the baggage from past relationships that both bring to the table now.

Julia goes to Joel’s to sign divorce papers as he moves in for a kiss.

To close out the episode, Zeek asks Camille to call an ambulance.

Follow the link to watch Parenthood online and see the action unfold for yourself, because the final season is starting to wind down in dramatic fashion …