Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Making Connections

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A couple connections were revealed on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6:

That of The Snow Queen and Emma, along with that of Belle and Anna, specifically the former's relevance to the latter's disappearance.

Let’s begin in The Fairytale Land That Was, shall we? We witness the Ogre Wars going strong, with Belle and her mom getting captured. We then see Belle wake up and her mother is dead, in the process of being memorialized.

Why can’t Belle remember? She has read about the creatures in Arendelle who can help with this problem and wants to seek them out.

In Arendelle, Anna is introduced to Ingrid, the aunt she never knew. But she immediately senses something is amiss with the woman we now know as The Snow Queen.

Anna ends up meeting Belle at Oaken’s Trading Post & Sauna. She takes her to the rock trolls, who turn her memories into a stone. She is told to brew it and drink.

Later, however, Pabbie tells Anna that her mother had two sisters and, when both vanished, she erased the entire kingdom’s memories of them.

Anna runs to tell Elsa, but she slips. Belle is now forced to choose between saving her new pal and her memory stone… and she chooses the latter. But she knocks it over the edge and it shatters, just as Anna also falls to the ground below and is found there by The Snow Queen.

Belle returns home and her dad tells her the truth about how her mother died as a sacrifice. Belle then yearns to seek out Rumplestiltskin (who Anna told her about), no matter what the price attached to his magic may be.

Meanwhile, we see Anna held in a cage by The Snow Queen, who tries to convince Elsa that her sibling was to use the Sorcerer’s Hat on her. The Snow Queen doesn't reveal whatever happened to Helga, but says all she wants is a family that embraces her... and with Anna now “the odd woman out,” she’ll have to find someone to take her place. GULP!

IN STORYBROOKE, Regina admits to Robin that she hasn’t found a fix for Marian. He may need to fall back in love with her of the whole True Love’s Kiss thing to work. 

Emma also shows everyone the tape of The Snow Queen as her foster mother, prompting residents to spread out and track down that ice cream truck.

Once discovered, Emma finds inside of it files that date back to her life as a newborn. WTH?!?

At the library, meanwhile, Elsa is concerned that Anna doesn’t want to be found. So Belle heads to the pawn shop to compel Rumple to take her to the Snow Queen, using the fake dagger.

Rumple - who was recently told by The Snow Queen that she has leverage he does not possess - acquiesces. Belle hopes to get the Sorcerer’s Hat from The Snow Queen and then use it to force her to reveal Anna’s whereabouts.

With Rumple standing guard, Belle tracks down the mirror and is confronted by a mean version of herself. This Belle reminds her to remember how she once chose the stone over Anna, getting inside her head and causing her to lash out with the dagger when Rumple enters.

Later, Belle tells Rumple the truth about Anna’s disappearance and Rumple then confronts The Snow Queen. He warns her not to harm those he loves and he tells her her does have leverage... in the former of the Sorcerer's Hat.

Finally, back at the sheriff’s office, Elsa reveals her family heraldry, which depicts the Snow Queen to be her aunt, while the third “missing” siblings looks just like Emma.

Moreover, the Runic scrolls they found tell of a prophecy, that the Savior/Emma shall become Ingrid’s sister. WHOA!

Belle then runs in to confess up about her role in the Snow Queen’s abduction of Anna, relaying vital information on the ice cave mirror: how it will turn everyone in Storybrooke against each other, leaving only the Snow Queen and her new family - Elsa and Emma - standing!

Whew. That was a lot to take in, huh? Go watch Once Upon a Time online via TV Fanatic and sound off on the episode now.

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