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Rayna cleaned up at the CMAs on Nashville Season 3 Episode 8… much to the jealousy of her future husband.

Elsewhere, Avery and Juliette’s relationship grew strong, as did they confidence in their future parenting ability. Ready for a rundown of events?

Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 8 Online
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 8 Online

It was clear right away that tension existed between Rayna and Luke, especially after the former discovered a prenuptial agreement and kept bringing the topic up on the way to the CMAs.

Prior to stepping on to the red carpet, Rayna and Luke decided that everything either one of them earns becomes split down the middle between them. But will husband eventually take wife for all she’s worth if they get divorced?

Luke’s later actions made us quite fearful this could occur.


Elsewhere: Gunnar, Zoey, and Micah also faced some tense moments while while preparing for the awards when Gunnar revealed he still hadn’t heard from Kylie and was attempting to reach out to her parents.

He seemed pretty darn comfortable with the idea of keeping Micah on a less temporary basis if need be, though Zoey didn’t share this enthusiasm.

As for Will and Layla, the latter was still peeved over her portrayal on the reality show and overcompensated by trying to correct a reporter’s question to her.

With Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood performed a fake monologue for these fictional awards, Teddy decided he should talk to his prostitute friend. In public. It’s rather clear his secret will be revealed, sooner than later.

At the ceremony, Luke got drunk and told Rayan her album only went gold because he proposed the day it was released, clearly upset that she was taking home all the trophies.

Still, after nabbing her SIXTH CMA, Rayna was gracious in her acceptance speech: "Thanks to my man, my love, Luke. I share this with you, what’s mine is yours. To all the men out there, just know that we’re not trying to take anything from you, there’s plenty of sunshine for all of us."

Finally, Juliette met Avery’s parents this week. In a nutshell, his mom is nice and his dad is a jerk. He made Juliette doubt her potential as a mother, while she flashed back to her troubled childhood with her own bad mother.

But Avery stands up to his terrible dad and assures Juliette that they “got this” parenting this. They then share a romantic moment back at Juliette’s place, making us squeal in delight.

You can do the same thing when you watch Nashville online via our friends at TV Fanatic. Enjoy! And congrats, Rayna!