Michael Phelps-Taylor Lianne Chandler Texts Revealed: So Much Nudity and Sadness

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Yesterday, we learned that Michael Phelps' girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler was born a man, and didn't share this crucial fact with Phelps before they began hooking up.

Today, we received an even more revealing glimpse into their relationship, as Radar Online has obtained screenshots from several sexy - and often sad - text exchanges between Phelps and Chandler:

We already knew that Chandler was with Phelps the night he was arrested for DUI, but these texts reveal that the swimmer and the PR exec were already well-acquainted before the incident, and their relationship continued for at least a week afterward.

Of course, it often seems Phelps desperately wanted to cut ties.

Though the texts aren't dated, Radar claims the first screenshot is from September 21, nine days before Phelps' arrest.

Chandler casually tells Phelps, "I'm walking today like I went horseback riding...Good times though." 

Needless to say, the two were intimate the night before, and based on their conversation it seems as though it wasn't the first time.

In the weeks that followed, Chandler begged Phelps to spend time with her, and though he frequently replied that he would prefer to "be alone," he is cordial and seems concerned for her well-being. 

Just before Phelps checked into rehab last month he texted Chandler, "I'm not going to have my fone for a while."

In an interview that she gave yesterday, Chandler stated that she hopes her relationship with Phelps will continue after he checks out of rehab later this week.

Based on these texts - and the fact that she told the world she's a transgender woman before she told Phelps - we're guessing Taylor won't be getting her wish. 

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