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Kate Middleton’s younger brother James Middleton gave a rare interview to ABC News in which he discussed being the cool uncle to Prince George.

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"I still see Prince George as my nephew," the 27-year-old royal in-law said about the adorable little boy who just happens to be the future King of England.

"I just want to be the best uncle possible. Like any uncle wants to be, I want to be the cool uncle. The fun uncle.That’s what sort of I’ll always try and be."

While George’s other uncle, Prince Harry, is a royal himself and a military man who has piloted Apache helicopters, James prefers the sweeter things in life.

Like his Boomf marshmallow business! Seriously. The company’s founder even created a fun official title for himself, labeling himself "Wonka-in-chief."


"We thought we’d just add the fun throughout the company so the staff in production are ‘Boomfaloopas.’ We obviously take a lot of sort of magic from Willy Wonka."

Still, James, also the younger brother of Pippa Middleton, said he has yet to find a Christmas gift for little George, saying he hasn’t "even gotten that far yet."

During the interview, James Middleton had only good things to say about the media attention his family received after Prince George’s birth in July 2013.

"I think what was the most wonderful thing," he says. "Everybody was celebrating with us, for me becoming an uncle and for my parents becoming grandparents."

"They were all so excited," he reflects.

The youngest of three siblings added that the Middleton family is constantly in communication and that he gets together "all the time" with his sisters.

While the world gears up for a second royal baby, James provided updates on the often-ill pregnant-again Kate Middleton‘s current health condition.

"She’s better," James told ABC of Kate. "I mean, it’s not unknown that she suffered from this acute morning sickness. Fortunately she is, I think, on the mend."

He also remained tight-lipped about whether the couple’s second child will be a girl or boy. "It’s wonderful to have another niece or nephew on the way," he said.

Congrats to James and his whole family!