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With all of the recent controversy surrounding Lena Dunham’s comments about her sister, it’s easy to forget that she’s still the star, head writer and executive producer of a moderately popular HBO series.

But she is, and the show that’s almost as divisive as its showrunner is soon to return for a new season of white people struggling to get by in spite of their dwindling trust funds.

Girls Season 4 Trailer

Yes, the first trailer for season 4 of Girls hit YouTube today, and dare we say, it actually looks…funny?

Despite the show relocating much of its main action to Iowa (where Hannah’s been accepted to the country’s most prestigious creative writing MFA program), it ironically looks like Girls is returning to its roots.


What started out as a series about the awkward misadventures of a a neurotic (if somewhat pretentious) young woman became – by season 3 – a sort of wish-fulfillment lifestyle porn fantasy about how insanely easy it is to make it as a young writer in New York.

Even some of the critics who still worship at the Altar of Dunham had to admit that Girls Season 3 was pretty dire.

Obviously, all we’ve seen so far of season four is the 90 second montage above, and the show doesn’t return until January, but we’re already cautiously optimistic. 

It looks as though Dunham may have actually managed to set aside her massive success in order to rediscover her ability to create characters and situations that us common folk can actually relate to.

(C’mon, who hasn’t pulled the fake shower move to drown out some unfortunate sounds?)

As always, you can watch Girls online at TV Fanatic to relive the series’ many highs and lows.