Dr. Phil: June Shannon is a Liar!

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Last week, Dr. Phil McGraw sat down with June Shannon for an interview that aired on his daytime talk show today.

Like just about everyone else in the world, Phil thinks Shannon is lying about her relationship with Mark McDaniel, and he said as much during an interview with TMZ today:

Asked by Harvey Levin if he believed a word that came out of June's mouth, Phil responded frankly:

"She rambled around, jumped all over the place, but she was not forthcoming at all. I did not believe what she had to say. I told her I did not believe what she had to say. I told her straight up, 'Look, it's the cover-up not the crime that always creates the problem."

As Phil's interview with Shannon aired across the country, the man known to audiences as Uncle Poodle posted photographic evidence of Shannon's relationship with McDaniel on his Facebook page, thus confirming McGraw's suspicions.

Sadly, Dr. Phil believes compulsive lying is the beginning of June's problems:

"She's been involved with four men that we know of, and out of these four relationships, all four of them have been to jail or prison, two of them for sexual molestation...I don't know who she's turning down, but the ones she's picking are not exactly great citizens."

"This woman has been making bad choices with these children and with the men in her life for a long, long time."

One of the more outrageous claims Shannon made during her interview is that TMZ faked the photo of her lying in bed with McDaniel. TMZ insists image is legit.

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