Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Meatball Problems Galore

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Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 9 delved right into some of Deena's issues. Hence the title, "Meatball Problems." If you're a Jersey Shore fan, you get it.

Every episode thus far on the VH1 reality series could have very well been termed "Meathead Problems" in reference to Juan Pablo Galavis, but we digress.

So what did we learn on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 9?

That Deena's drama pales in comparison to Treach's, for one.

If you watch Couples Therapy online, you know Treach has been the unsung star of the past few weeks, even if Jenna and Juan Pablo get more headlines.

This week, we pick with Treach reeling from his dad’s reception of his overtures. Cicely tries her best to be there for him as he processes all of this.

Treach’s dad, Kent, talks to Dr. Jenn, who literally throws her hands up in disbelief at one point. She tells Treach that something is missing in Kent, not him.

However, Kent later breaks down as Jenn reunites them in a tearful reunion, and they have an exchange that would bring even a reality TV cynic to tears.

It was pretty wonderful and powerful stuff.

Chris and Deena arguing about who gives who the best massages, revealing their underlying control issues? Not so much. After Treach it just feels benign.

Dr. Jenn addresses these problems with them, though, making all the couples tell the other exactly what they need. Here's what they all came up with:

  • Juan Pablo and Nikki: [Can't even take seriously enough to pay attention]
  • Jenna and John: Come to terms with her volatility, and why it's there
  • Dick and Steph: Make peace with their past, and look to the future
  • Deena and Chris: To articulate his own wants and needs.

This leads to a relatively tame but still legitimate argument with Deena and the rest of the cast, which seems to pile it on young John a little bit here.

Chris gets some advice Juan Pablo (seriously) about his dependency on Deena, and while it's hilarious to see that dude play therapist, Chris does come around.

We know that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell broke up not long after the show, but this is the penultimate episode, and the duos begin to look ahead.

Dick seeks advice about dating and relationships from a fellow HIV positive patient and is left realizing some surprising things about his life with Stephanie.

Jenna is looking for a little encouragement as well, and Dr. Jenn encourages her to visit her mother’s grave and find some sort of catharsis by being there.

Will she go? What will that mean for the porn star?

We'll find out next week on a gripping fifth season finale of Couples Therapy. For now, follow the link above to watch last night's emotional installment.

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