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Are Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston preparing to settle their epic feud once and for all when they square off at the Golden Globes this winter?

A hilarious new tabloid cover straight out of 2007 says as much!

Taking a break from making Jennifer Aniston pregnant, pining for Brad Pitt and/or adopting a BABY ON HER OWN, In Touch tries a different tack this week.

Jennifer Aniston at SAGs
(Getty Images for Turner)

At January’s Golden Globes, it’s

Both are expected to attend, as they’ve won accolades for their recent work, so therefore, claws are coming out and tables are gonna get flipped.

Teresa Giudice style. Or so we’re envisioning here.


Says an alleged Jen friend: “She’s been waiting a decade to look Angie straight in the eye and tell her how she really feels. She’s told friends she’s repulsed by her.”

“Angie stole her man. How is a woman supposed to ever get over that?” Aniston’s supposed sleuth says, referring to her arse load of “pent-up anger.”

She’s looking forward to proving to Brangelina, and everyone else, that she isn’t scared and, wait for it, “she’s been waiting for this showdown for a decade.”

Oh, and obviously, being Jen, she’s trying to get pregnant right now, so she hopes this will give her some sort of upper hand with fans in the fight.

Which isn’t happening. But it’s fun to think about.