29 Most Memorably Hilarious and Totally Awesome Moments in Tumblr History

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Thank goodness for the Internet, huh?

This incredible invention hasn't just made it possible for us to watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape whenever we want, it's given us a baby who looks just like Jack Black.

And also a perfectly-captioned photo of Abraham Lincoln sending a text message... a dog swearing to tell the whole truth in court... the world’s worst Dinosaur Supervisor... and more.

A whole lot more. Prepare to fall over laughing.

In the above photo gallery, we've collected the 29 most amazing Tumblr moments, posts and photos ever created by users of this social media service.

They're creative. They're hilarious. And they make us wonder why we don't spend every waking second of every waking day cycling through all Tumblr has to offer.

Actually, we're gonna go do that right now.

Check out these pictures to understand why and we'll meet you there ... just be careful if you're in public. You might make a scene if you're a loud laugher.

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