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Yesterday, Joan Rivers’ cause of death was revealed to be a lack of oxygen to the brain resulting from “predictable” complications during surgery.

Today, sources who claim to have inside information are insisting that Rivers was, in fact, a victim of malpractice, and they’ve implied that the New York Chief Medical Examiner is complicit in keeping that information under wraps.

TMZ reports that they’ve spoken with insiders who say Joan didn’t suffer brain damage until after her procedure was completed.

Furthermore, they say there’s no truth to the report that Rivers’ death had anything to do with the use of Propofol (the notorious sedative on which Michael Jackson overdosed).

The source claims that there were no “underlying causes or contributing” factors with regard to Joan’s health prior to the procedure.

The anonymous medical professional does not claim to know the exact cause of death, but speculates that her oxygen levels may have been improperly monitored while she was sedated.

The physicians involved in the operation have been under scrutiny ever since her death, particularly after it came to light that one doctor snapped a selfie during Rivers’ surgery.

Joan’s daughter, Melissa River, tweeted yesterday that she has no comment on the medical examiner’s findings, but she is expected to file a malpractice suit in the near future.