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Viewers learned that’s beyond the white-washed exam room on The 100 Season 2 Episode 1:

A whole slew of questions.

The opener wasted nary a second of time from the Season 1 premiere, as was caught up immediately with Clarke in her well-furnished white room.

However, instead of Monty, she saw a blue man spraying down the empty room.

Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 Online
Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 Online

So Clarke springs into awesome action: she takes apart the IV stand, knocks out the camera, shatters the glass (cutting open her arm in the process) and tears off the blue man’s mask.

This move reveals a young, pale girl who simply wants to listen to her iPod. Clarke takes her hostage with a shard of glass and demands: take me to Monty!


Things get even stranger from there as they take the elevator to the fifth floor. The doors open and it’s… some kind of classy underground ding hall?!? Everyone is dressed to the nines, enjoying pancakes and orange juice and listening to a pianist and what the heck?!?

A woman notices Clarke and shouts: Containment breach!

So Clarke is taken to another sterile room. But President Wallace shows up there with the blue man-girl (named Maya) and it’s time for some exposition:

The Mountain Men at Mount Weather have survived solely underground. Unlike those of the Grounders, their bodies did NOT go through natural selection, forcing them to live via their underground reservoir and hydroponic farms.

The only reason the 100 can survive on Earth is because they were exposed to solar radiation.

President Wallace informs Clarke that his people "saved" 48 of her group. Clarke says she wants to go find the others, but Wallace says it isn’t safe. Do you think Clarke will listen? Of course not. She makes her move, but Jasper tells her the Undergrounders will die if she pulls the lever.

Therefore, Clarke considers whether Wallace is telling the truth, as she settles in with her oil paints and beef stew and wonders: is Mount Weather too good to be true?

Viewers, of course, know Wallace is lying because, hey, look: Bellamy and Finn are alive! They were captured by some Grounders, but then rescued by Kane.

Bellamy and Finn then lead Kane and Abby to the Drop Ship, where they come across Murphy and Raven.

Bellamy attacks Murphy and Kane arrests Bellamy. Finn says that Murphy is evil, yet Kane says that misses the point. There are rules. There is law. "You are not animals," he tells them.

Elsewhere, Octavia and Lincoln are on the way to the Sea… and forcing to make adjustments themselves:

She’s learning a new language because only warriors speak English. However, she’s slowly being poisoned to death from an arrow. So it’s off to Lincoln’s village instead of the Sea. They need to find an antidote. 

Oh, right, all of this and Chancellor Jaha is still in space – with a baby.

It’s safe to say a lot went down on The 100 season premiere. We have so many questions (Who is Maya? Is that a real baby with Jaha?) and still six days to go until The 100 Season 2 Episode 2.

Check out the official promo for that installment here and go watch The 100 online via TV Fanatic if you somehow missed this terrific opener.

The 100 Season 2 Episode 2 Promo