Tamra Barney Accuses Ex-Husband of Parental Alienation, Abusing Teenage Daughter

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Tamra Barney is firing back at her ex-husband Simon, accusing him of alienating their teenage daughter and neglecting her far more than Tamra ever has.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up to Radar (a questionable move in itself) about their battle over their 15-year-old daughter Sidney.

Who Does That?

She said that contrary to what Simon says, "custody should be taken away from” her former husband for an act she dubbed “a form of child abuse."

“It’s parental alienation that’s going on,” she said, implying that Simon has attempted to turn Sydney against her. “He is doing more harm than good.”

Despite his claims Tamra hasn't seen her daughter in eight months and neglects their other two kids, a judge declined to alter the duo's custody pact.

“It’s a huge relief all of this is over with,” Tamra said of the decision. “Obviously, he had no evidence to back up his claims. I would never neglect my kids at all.”

She said her two youngest children were “beyond thrilled” and “would have been devastated” if the judge had granted their father’s request to strip her of custody.

As for Sidney? The estrangement from her, Tamra concedes, is real and has led to “the worst year of [her] life.” But she insists she did not and would not neglect her.

Tamra admits that she “a hurdle with [her] daughter” but says she’s “certain Sydney will come around” and that “everything will be fine" once the dust settles.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you won't see any of her three children, who Simon has successfullu barred them from appearing.

He charges that she's so consumed with the Bravo show, she had little time for the kids as it pertains to their their health, nutrition, hygiene and school attendance.

Tamra vigorously denied this, telling the court she films the show four months out of the year, and controls the hours she works at her CUT fitness facility.

“Who tries to take the kids away because the mom works?” she said. “Usually, it’s the other way around. He’s the one working all the time and has his girlfriend take the kids."

"He's the Disneyland dad. He knows I’m a good mom - I pay for everything from clothes, braces, doctor appointments, sports ... he does nothing, I’m the sole provider."

Tamra Barney's salary is pretty robust, at more than half a million a season, and that doesn't include what she brings in from her new fitness venture.

“It’s time for Simon to get on with his life,” the 47-year-old said, hopefully putting the custody issue to rest for good after this, “and stay out of mine.”

As for whether Bravo has really fired Tamra Barney from the show effective next season, as has been rumored, we would not hold our breath. She brings drama.

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