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Despite admitting to multiple instances of child molestation in the 1980s, Stephen Collins will NOT be charged by authorities in New York or Los Angeles.

According to TMZ sources, the statute of limitations has expired for all three alleged cases, which were brought to the attention of law enforcement officials when the following audio went viral this month.

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It was recorded by Collins’ estranged wife, Faye Grant, in 2012 when she and Collins attended a therapy session together.

In a disturbing, multi-minute admission, Collins talks openly about three girls between the ages of 10 and 13.

He says he exposed himself to all three and he forced one girl to touch his penis, which he described as having a "partial" erection at the time.


Collins is yet to comment on the allegations, through he’s resigned from the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild and been dropped by his talent agency in the wake of the scandal.

Grant has denied leaking this damning audio to the media, but an attorney for Collins believe she is attempting to extort his client.

Over $14 million is at stake in Grant and Collins’ ongoing divorce proceedings, though Grant also denies all accusations of blackmail.

The divorce trial is scheduled for next month, however, and Grant plans to raise the issue because she wants her portion of the assets protected in case one of the victims files suit.

Collins may also raise the issue of the recording because he believes she used it to extort him and hopes a judge will agree.

In other words: this isn’t the last we’ve heard about Stephen Collins molesting young girls. Things may turn even uglier from here, even if the police do not get involved.