Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Not His Father's Son

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In case it wasn't clear prior to Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8, it's painfully apparent now:

Jax Teller is not his father's son.

Jury made this point directly to the SAMCRO President, immediately prior to Jax proving his point by shooting his fellow MC member in the head.

Did Jury reach for his gun? Yes. After Jax punched him and after he swore that he was not the rat.

Sure, Jury could be lying, but Jax chose to act as judge and executioner instead of calling for a Mayhem vote.

The man is out of control and, as he admitted to kick off the hour, he's also way out of his depth when dealing with August Marks.

At this point, what is SAMCRO? It's a collection of like five guys. It's unclear exactly what they're even fighting for, except the takedown of a man far more powerful and well connected (and ruthless) than they are.

This is a failed mission in every way, and it's one motivated solely by Gemma simply saying many weeks ago that she saw two Chinese men come out of Jax's house the night Tara was murdered.

That's pretty flimsy evidence for the mindless crusade Jax has his team going on (and it also made for a LOL-worthy scene when Jarry said she "knows" the Chinese killed Tara. How, exactly, does she know that again?).

So while Jax was busy assuming Jury was the rat and killing him, Moses was offering Bobby a chance to go free without any more limbs coming off. But Bobby refuses to give up the location of the pastor's family.

And Jax's attempt to negotiate by offering up the pastor's body and the signed witness account by the pastor's wife simply led to another box being delivered to SAMCRO. This one contained Bobby's fingers.

It's interesting to see SAMCRO this overmatched, but it's also frustrating. Jax has turned into such an awful leader that it's almost difficult to watch. Who wants to root for a sucker all the time? 


  • Abel was sent home from school for slamming a kid in the head with his lunchbox. He also taunted his grandmother by asking Gemma if she knows the meaning of the word "accident."
  • Someone broke into Gemma's house, killed her birds and wrote "No Son is Safe" on the wall.
  • Nero invited Wendy to come with him and Gemma and the boys to his uncle's farm.
  • Juice is close to striking a deal that will send him to the same prison as Lin. But Unser is on to him and thinks he knows more about Tara's murder than he's letting on.

What did everyone else think of this Sons of Anarchy episode? Is Bobby as good as gone? Is Jax the worst President in the history of television? What dumb move will he make next?

Sound off now, watch Sons of Anarchy online if you need to catch up and check out the trailer below for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9...

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