Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: Taking Sides

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Following last week's bloodbath at Diosa, sides were chosen on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5.

Sheriff Janney opened the hour by making it clear to Jax that she understood how this whole "outlaw" thing works, but this was too big of a crime. The feds would be all over it.

She didn't care how he got the information across to her, but she made it as obvious as can be: she needed something from him. Anything. She couldn't just lay low this time around.

Later, of course, we saw that she did lay low (if you know what we mean!) for Chibs, as the relationship with these two continues to confound. There appear to be actual feelings between the biker and the officer.

But even as Janny is on the side of the law, she's also on the side of everyone's favorite Irishman. She gave Chibs a similar speech to the one she gave Jax, but she sealed it with a kiss.

Nero, meanwhile, was caught in between worse than anyone. Lin explained to him how Jax has been lying about stealing guns from the Chinese and threatened Nero's son if he didn't deliver Jax to him by the end of the day.

This led to Nero (understandably) punching Jax out and to Jax telling Nero that the Chinese killed Tara. That's why he's dead set on revenge and, sure, he's sorry about that whole lying thing. But NOTHING will stop him from tearing Lin apart.

So, on which side did Nero fall? He went to pick up his sick child and brought him over to Red Woody, where all of SAMCRO's loved ones were hiding out until the threat against them was over.

This included Abel, who picked up a hammer at one point and vowed to protect Thomas. A cute gesture? Sort of. But also a scary one. Is Abel already on track to end up like his father?

Later on, Jax and Nero teamed up to fool Lin into thinking a truce was at hand, but their meeting ended with dirty Stockton cops apprehending the Chinese. Jax was on the verge of beating Lin to death until the non-dirty cops arrived and SAMCRO had to split.

Finally, we come to Gemma and Juice. The latter is on the side of paranoia these days, as he shot and killed a hotel employee that he thought to be a member of Lin's gang.

Fearing that Juice had lost it and become too unpredictable, Gemma pretended to drive him up to Oregon, only she was packing heat and Juice soon realized what was going on. He ran them off the road and grabbed the gun after both escaped Gemma's car.

We ended the episode with Gemma pleading for her life.

Will Juice take it? Should Juice take it? Visit TV Fanatic to watch Sons of Anarchy online and react to the latest installment below.

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