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What’s worse than being called out by Samuel L. Jackson on air?

Being slammed as a fattie on air by one of your co-workers.

Sam Rubin of KTLA in Los Angeles can now speak from both of these experiences, as he made headlines a few months ago for mixing up Jackson with Laurence Fishburne.

Reporter Slams Anchor as Fat... on Air!

Fast forward to last Friday and Rubin was joking with his fellow anchor during a morning news segment.

"My wife calls and says ‘Since when did you become the fat one on that show?’ he said on camera, continuing to talk until a female voice chimed in with:

"He’s always been!"


The camera then cut to traffic reporter Ginger Chan, who looked confused for a second before realizing she made that comment into a live microphone. OOPS!

The network, though, took the mishap lightly, posting a video of the incident and writing:

“Accidents happen, and that’s why our anchors are supposed to turn off their microphones when not on camera. Wondering what kinds of slip ups can happen? Watch the clip to see Ginger Chan’s accidental dis. Sorry, Sam Rubin. We think you look great!"

Rubin also laughed off the insult on camera and then even wrote an essay titled “Do I Look Fat in This Airbrushed Picture?” for

"This ‘F’ word is particularly loaded, because I think our definition of fat has changed over the years; mostly as many of us have gotten fatter,” Rubin wrote.

“If you were to hook me up to a polygraph machine and ask me if I thought I was out and out fat; I would say that I wasn’t. Sure, I can stand to lose a few pounds; who couldn’t. But am I among the morbidly obese? I don’t think so."

We agree. And we also feel a need to re-run the video of Rubin mistaking Jackson for Fisburne. The reaction from the actor is simply too priceless not to…

Samuel L. Jackson BLASTS Moronic Reporter