Palin Brawl Details Revealed: Track Shouts Homophobic Slurs, Bristol Responds to Online Hate

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As you've probably heard by now, Sarah Palin and her family were involved in a brawl last month at a house party near Anchorage, Alaska.

In the weeks since, no video has emerged, but as more details become available via police reports and eye witness accounts, it becomes increasingly clear that the whole scene was wilder and uglier than we initially thought.

The Palin Family

First we learned that Bristol Palin was called a "slut" and the man who owns the house where the party was held may have dragged her around his yard by her feet.

Earlier this week, audiotape of Bristol giving her story to police was leaked online, and whether or not she was physically assaulted - as she claims - it's clear from the tape that the 24-year-old single mom was very upset.

Yesterday, Bristol vented her frustrations online in a blog post in which she publicly addresses the events of September 10 for the first time.

She claims it all started when a guy who was seeking to "get famous" sucker-punched a friend of the Palins, resulting in ten stitches.

Bristol goes on to say that a man in his early 40s then called her a "c-nt" and pushed her down to the ground.

She speculates that if Chelsea Clinton had been shoved by a man there would be widespread outrage, and she cites this as evidence of a media bias against conservative women.

While we may never know for certain what exactly went on that night, Bristol makes a sound argument in favor of more objective coverage of the incident, and cogently defends her family.

Meanwhile, audiotape of Track Palin speaking with police leaked today, revealing the eldest Palin child's far less level-headed take on the melee.

Track makes a series of bizarre statements, and at one point even puts his hands on a police officer before starting a fight in front of the cop.

Track repeatedly refers to a friend of his as a "p-ssy" and describes him as "like a gay guy, but not." 

At one point, Track responds violently after seeing "one of the guys" who was involved in the brawl. Referring to the police, Track says, "They're not doing their job, but guess what, I will!" before attempting to fight the man.

The Palin family has not yet responded to this latest audio.

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