Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Giving Him a Hand

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Let’s kick off this rundown of Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 with a trip to The Fairy Tale Land That Was, shall we?

“Joan” tracks down Rumplestiltskin there, though he’s well aware that she’s Anna and that she’ll do “whatever it takes” to learn why her parents traveled to Mist Haven.

This is exactly what The Dark One yearns to hear, of course.

Anna is tasked with drugging the old man down the lane, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Unfortunately, she later learns that Rumple has given her the antidote to a poison he had previously given the man and, with it, it turns into a mouse.

The last line of defense against the Sorcerer's Hait in the cellar has now been removed. OOPS!

So Rumple comes back with the item's container, bragging about how it will make him unstoppable, when the mouse bites his hand.

This gives Anna the opening she needs: she grabs the drops dagger and she commands three things of its previous owner:

  1. Send her back to Arendelle.
  2. Turn the mouse back into a man.
  3. Never, EVER, hurt her or her sister.

When we we last see Anna this week, she's reuniting with Kristoff, afraid to tell Elsa what their parents were actually up to: that they were out to get her magic removed forever.

Let’s move to STORYBROOKE... 

Hook accepts a date invitation from Emma, subsequently asking for his left hand back from Rumple. But will it turn him into a mean pirate again?

Hook (Hand?) is willing to take that chance. He picks Emma up for his date (after posing for a Polaroid picture for Mary Margaret) and the two head to an Italian eatery.

But a problem quickly arises after Will Scarlett knocks a drink on to Emma's lap and Hook reacts in extreme anger with his new/old hand.

After a the mostly successful date, Book goes back to Rumple and asks for his hook back. But he’s told that he no longer has any leverage; and also that he returned the real dagger to Belle.

Rumple makes Hook accompany him to where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice now lives. Once there, Took holds the man down while Rumple reveals he has possession of the hat once more, which he uses to make the apprentice vanish.

Rumple now has the ability to extort Hook with this video of him holding the old man down. He does give him his hook back, however. 


  • Emma informs an imprisoned Will that he was found in the library with a copy of Alice in Wonderland, along with a photo of the Red Queen in his pocket.
  • Henry goes undercover as an apprentice at Gold's shop in order to help Regina unfreeze Marian.
  • Census records reveal that “Sarah Fisher” - the Snow Queen - did not come over in any curse. So, what: How did she arrive in Storybrooke? And what does she want with Emma?

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